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SCRIP Program

Order online:

School enrollment code: email our Scrip Coordinator

What is Scrip?

The term "Scrip" is used to describe cards/certificates that the school purchases at a discount and then sells at face value for a profit. The Scrip cards/certificates are actually store gift cards/certificates that cost you nothing extra to buy. Scrip is used at the store in place of cash, checks or credit cards. We currently have several local grocery stores and retailers in inventory.

How does Scrip help SJCS?

The school earns money when you spend your Scrip. Retailers give 2%-25% of the value back to the school.

Where can I buy Scrip?

Online! Everyone can order scrip online at ShopwithScrip Just visit the site and start shopping! You will need to register first by using the enrollment code number above. Once your order through ShopwithScrip has been processed, then your order will be delivered and included with the overall school scrip order and be ready the following Thursday. See something missing from the Scrip Order Form or you'd like something different? You can also go online at ShopwithScrip and see all the stores that offer gift cards. We can order any of the gifts cards that you are interested in buying and have them ready to be picked up by you.