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Faculty and Staff

St. Joseph Catholic School employs only credentialed teachers who have demonstrated a deep commitment to Catholic education and who are wonderful role models for our youth. Students become empowered to attain academic excellence. The staff and administration have chosen to structure the curriculum program to meet or exceed California Common Core State Standards and Diocesan High School Competencies in all academic areas. Homework, grading, and communication policies foster a special relationship between student, parent, and teacher. Methodologies used in the classroom recognize the varied learning styles, aptitudes, and interests of our students. Above all, our staff and administration provide a caring, nurturing environment that enables each student to grow in love of God, neighbor and self.

Faculty and Staff

Name Role
Kristen Mendonsa Principal
Debbie Williams Office Manager
Cami Azzarello Transitional Kindergarten (TK)
Gina Sockman Admin Assistant
Katie Massick Kindergarten
Gayle Moore Grade 1
Charlotte Corkery Grade 2
Dede Gottlieb Grade 3
Jamie Zalud Grade 4
Patrick Marquez 5th Grade Homeroom, Grade 5-8 Math
Kristie Cherry Grade 6 Homeroom, Gr 5-8 Religion
Holly Henson Grade 7 Homeroom, Gr 6-7 ELA
Nicole Brown Grade 8 Homeroom, 5th-8th ELA, Vice Principal
Doug Halleran5th - 8th Social Studies
Stephanie Vargas PE, TK-8
Jessica Miller TK Aide
Megan Phillips Art, TK-8
Crystal Torres Kindergarten Aide, EDP
Danielle Salas Grade 1 Aide
Julie Cirksena Grade 2 Aide
Jamine Mulder Grade 3-4 Aide
Monica Roman Spanish, TK-8
Mary Chadwick Resource Specialist
Allison Rossiter
Science, Gr 1-8
Jordan Stephens EDP
Cori Bergeron School Bookkeeper
Alan Wittinger School Maintenance
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St. Teresa of Avila Parish
11600 Atwood Rd.
Auburn, CA 95603
(530) 889-2254

Pastor Rev. Carlo G. Tejano

St. Joseph Parish
1162 Lincoln Way
Auburn, CA 95603
(530) 885-2956