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Kindergarten at St. Joseph Catholic School lays the foundation for an educational experience that cultivates responsible young citizens through a virtue-based approach to our leading-edge kindergarten curriculum. Kindergarteners are taught fundamental lessons in language arts, social studies, math, science, music, physical education, Spanish, art, and religion. Our curriculum is enhanced by leading educational applications through our technology program, which includes classroom use of a Google Chromebook for each student.

Students are provided many opportunities to explore and engage with crucial concepts through various hands-on activities. We strive to foster a creative learning environment and integrate art through interdisciplinary projects that complement what students are studying in the classroom.

As a kindergartener at SJSC, students gain the insight to live a virtuous life through our Disciple of Life program. Students explore lessons from the Bible and are encouraged to exemplify the virtues on a daily basis through their academics, as well as their friendships and faith.

Teaching and molding the whole student is paramount to our approach. In partnership with SJCS parents, our kindergarten teacher and staff provide whatever is necessary for the best possible outcome for each student. Our goal is to have every Kindergartner’s unique needs met and build their confidence and curiosity as they continue their educational journey to the elementary classroom.

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