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Mission, Philosophy and Vision

Mission Statement

We are a school that fosters the role of the family as we work together to facilitate a well-rounded Catholic education that elevates academic excellence and strong character in an environment abundant in enduring Gospel values. We are a community who empowers students with the belief that—through the example and teachings of Christ—we are all capable of transforming the world.


Since 1943, our students have followed the example of our patron, St. Joseph. We strive to instill in our students Christian integrity that comes from humbly seeking to understand God’s will, and aligning our work to God’s mission with passion and purpose. St. Joseph shows us the perfect model of a true Christian.


In order to fulfill its mission to the fullest, St. Joseph Catholic School will be a place where individuals, classes, and the greater school community all excel in fulfilling God’s Greatest Commandment by fostering academic excellence and character development in a faith based environment.