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ACT Aspire - Standardized Testing

St. Joseph Catholic School utilizes ACT Aspire to assess our student's strengths in English (Language), Writing, Reading, Math, and Science. All parents with 3rd grade through 8th grade students will receive comprehensive reports of their student’s results. The ACT Aspire test is NOT the same test as the Smarter Balanced Common Core Test that is currently utilized at the California public school system.

ACT Aspire test normally takes place at the end of the school year. The data we receive from ACT Aspire during your child’s elementary school years at St. Joseph Catholic School will build upon and lead directly to your child’s junior year ACT test which is taken by more than 1.8 million high school students. ACT Aspire will be a vital assessment for grades 3-10 in the Catholic dioceses across the United States. The Diocese of Sacramento and St. Joseph Catholic School are proud to utilize and participate in this academic testing for our students.