Donating to the SJCS Annual Fund

To meet the increasing educational needs of our students, the SJCS Legacy - Annual Fund and Charitable Giving Program provides avenues and reaches out to private sources in order to assist and to help fund innovation in academic programs and facilities at St. Joseph Catholic School. This financial support will not only maintain our high level of excellence in education for all students but also strengthen our ability to service students by providing scholarships, enhance academic and athletic programs, upgrade technology and internal systems, increase and support student services, and beautify our school campus. You as the donor can also specially request your contribution of your funds to be used for another particular area or program of your choosing within St. Joseph Catholic School.

Through your generosity, you will directly enable our school to achieve and continue its goals by providing our tradition of an excellent education for our students and for helping them to build character, competence, and confidence for years to come.

1. To donate cash or check, fill out this form: SJCS Legacy- Annual Fund and Charitable Giving.

2. To donate with credit card, click on the button below to donate with PayPal.

For more information on contribution opportunities, please contact the School Office.