St Joseph's Catholic School recognizes the parents as the primary educators of their children. We are committed to working in partnership with the parents to develop the best qualities in each student. We are grateful for the gifts that the parents bring to our school and parish community. Parents have the opportunity to serve the school by participating in a wide variety of school activities.

Parent Involvement and Volunteer Hours

Hours Requirement: The current parent volunteer requirement is 10 hours of PEP and 20 hours of Fundraising. A single parent family requirement is 5 hours of PEP and 10 hours of Fundraising. A volunteer will earn 1 hour of service for each hour spent on the volunteer activity benefitting any St. JosephCatholicSchool event. Volunteer hours may be earned by parents or other adult family members (i.e. grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.).

Purchasing Scrip Requirement

The term "Scrip" is used to describe cards/certificates that St. JosephCatholicSchool purchases at a discount and then sells at face value for a profit. The discount ranges from 2% up to 25%. The Scrip cards/certificates are actually store gift cards/certificates and cost you nothing extra to buy. The scrip is used at the store in place of cash, checks or credit cards. Some can even be used for internet and catalog purchases. We currently have several local grocery stores and retailers in inventory.

The best thing about Scrip is that it costs you nothing! It just requires a little bit of planning and a slight change in spending habits. Everybody has to buy groceries and gas... Children constantly need new clothes. There are many ways for you to use Scrip cards/certificates for your needs! The sooner you begin participating by purchasing Scrip for everyday or special occasion needs, the more you and St. JosephCatholicSchool will benefit. All school families, parishes, and school friends are encourage to purchase and utilize scrip. Each school family that has a Active Faith Scholarship or Receiving Financial Aid has a responsibility and is required to purchase scrip in order to maintain the current cost structure at St. JosephCatholicSchool.

Annually the Scrip Amount required is about: $3500 per family

School Committees

St. Joseph Catholic School benefits from the dedicated efforts through the Catholic School Advisory Committee (CSAC), Finance, Marketing, and Technology Committees. CSAC serves as an advisory council committee on policy issues, strategic planning and stewardship. The Finance Committee is an advisory committee that oversees the financial and budgetary planning needs of the school. The Marketing Committee supports the marketing and communication needs to meet the strategic planning and development needs of St. Joseph Catholic School. The Technology committee ensures the school wide needs of technology are met. All functions and aspects of CSAC, Finance, Marketing and Technology Committees report directly to the School Principal, to the Parishes and to the Sacramento Diocese.

Parent Club

The Parent Club coordinates parent and volunteer involvement and fundraising through school events and other classroom events and needs at St. Joseph Catholic School. The Parent Club Board reports directly to the School Principal, Finance Committee, and CSAC. The Parent Club conducts four general meetings each school year. Attendance by at least one parent or guardian is expected and required for these meetings.